REBECCA GUTWEIN: Executive Director

Rebecca was born and raised in in the Bible Belt of the Midwest. After attending the University of Chicago, she and her husband, Victor, settled on the South Side of Chicago where she joined the youth ministry of a small multi-ethnic church in Woodlawn, an inner-city community inflicted by urban poverty, gang violence, and systemic racism. During her time in youth ministry, she realized that no matter how many hours she invested with the children, their strongest sphere of influence would always be their families. She founded Familyhood with a deep love for families in communities like Woodlawn, yet also recognizing an inherent thirst among them for God’s design.


SASHA SIMMONS: Deputy Executive Director

Sasha was born and raised in the small city of New Castle, PA. She grew up in an inner-city community inflicted by generational poverty, rapid drug use, and violence. Pushing through her complex family structure, challenging life obstacles, and brokenness caused by family division, Sasha received a BA in Social Work. She relocated to Detroit where she and her loving husband, Roger, served in the youth ministry, taught Bible studies at a youth homeless shelter, and served the community in various capacities. While working in family preservation and as an adoption specialist, she decided to further her education to make a greater impact in communities.  Sasha received her MA in Macro Social Work with concentrations of Leadership and Community. After receiving her MA, Sasha and her husband relocated to the Chicago area to join and serve alongside a small church in the community of Forest Park.