Capable Kids: Our family values program is in partnership with Raising Highly Capable Kids, a non-profit which equips parents, teachers, youth workers, and communities across the country (particularly in low-income and urban areas) with the necessary tools to aid their children in becoming healthy, caring, and responsible family members and citizens. This 13-week curriculum is based on Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets which seeks to give kids the leg up they need to thrive in today’s world. 

Manhood, Womanhood & Marriage: To teach and foster positive conceptions of manhood, womanhood, and marriage based on God’s design, we will offer several ways for men and women to gather and grow. We will develop or adapt curricula targeted towards the unique challenges and needs of inner city men and women. We will offer the curriculum in engaging and creatives ways at regular gatherings; this space will also become akin to a support group for individuals and couples to express heartfelt needs and to strengthen the curriculum as their life experiences become a dynamic and reciprocal part of their holistic education.

Sex & Dating: We firmly believe in the importance of reaching our youth with the truth. By training and equipping the next generation, it quite literally weaves the fabric that will be used transform the future. One of our youth’s greatest needs is sexual ethics training. This curricula will stem from the Biblical foundation of God’s design for human sexuality, marriage, and family. We hope to give our youth and teens a vision for this at a young age so that as they grow they catch God’s vision. Ultimately this will shape the family life of the community as our young people come of age and choose to form and protect strong, loving, and faithful families of their own. 


Family Time: According to Gary Chapman, “quality time” is one of the five love languages. For many people, they express and experience love through spending quality time with their loved ones. This quality time need not always have an aim or a purpose – sometimes it is just important for people to be together, to know and value one another for the sake of who we are as human beings. Because of the challenges families on the south side face, such as single parent and disjointed families – quality family time can be hard to come by. Especially for kids, extra time and attention is needed but often lacking. We hope to facilitate spaces where quality time can happen amidst and between families organically. This will include interacting with strong families in the community and Chicago area, excursions, family meals, and giving parents the resources necessarily to impart spiritual wisdom and moral direction to their children in a safe and loving context.

Cedar Lake Ministries: We partner with Cedar Lake Ministries, a camp and ministry center 45 minutes southeast of Woodlawn, in Cedar Lake, Indiana. Not only do they rent their space for various retreats and ministry events, they also run family retreats and youth camps throughout the year (geared towards urban kids and families). This partnership aligns with our desire to increase the amount of time Chicago families are spending together in communion. Furthermore, we will use Cedar Lake as incentives for families to stick with our various programmatic efforts. Cedar Lake will be a space to retreat away from the city and experience God and His calling on the lives of our families. 


Counseling Services: All human beings long for someone to listen and to care – for someone to share in their humanity. Because of this inherent need that is often lacking in urban communities, we believe it is important to provide reconciliatory and restorative counseling for families. We hope to provide lay and professional counseling for familial relationships that are struggling. Though we should always be seeking God’s ideal for marriage, family life, and parenting, sin often makes things messy. We believe counseling is a form of intervention (with God’s truth) to begin to heal and restore where sin has eroded.